May 08, 2008

A woman's right to choose

Anyone else notice how politicians talk about Hillary ending her campaign as if it’s an unwanted pregnancy?

"Hillary, of course, will make the decision as to if and when she ends [it]."

"I think that it would be inappropriate and awkward and wrong for any of us to tell Senator Clinton when it is time for [it] to be over. This is her decision and it is only her decision."

"It's her decision to make and I'll accept what decision she makes."

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May 01, 2008

No offense or anything

So I finally got around to watching the video of Buzz Bissinger — who I guess had once somehow convinced the journalism world that he wasn't a developmentally disabled lunatic? — go apoplectic on Will Leitch (and, more accurately, blogs and bloggers in general). And as I was marveling at not his inability but his refusal to differentiate between a blog's posts and its comments, and the tremendous offense he's taken at this wild, maddening internet thing which, I suspect, not so much "pisses the shit" out of him as it does terrify him such that his bowels are painfully and uncontrollably triggered by a special combination of his own ignorance and stupidity, I had but one single thought:

I cannot wait for that generation to die.

And before I even let myself start thinking how sad that is, I remember that he probably looks at us and wishes we were never born.

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